Treatment of Pyorrhea

Pyorrhea is the first cause of dental loss in adults. It is a bacterial infection which affects the gum tissues and if it is left untreated, it often leads to subsequent loss of teeth. The symptoms include bleeding of gums and bad breath. It is a painless disease so most patients prefer not to go for treatment than going for a painful and a costly surgical treatment. But what they do not realize is that if pyorrhea reaches a severe stage then it can lead to loss of teeth.


Infection of the jaw bones.

Pus formation in the gums.

Ulcers in the mouth.

Bad taste in the mouth.

Itching and irritation.

Bright red or purple tender gums.

Swollen and bleeding gums.

Pyorrhea is a result of untreated gum inflammation or gingivitis. Due to this infection and inflammation the supporting bones of the teeth are affected. If inflammation expands from gingiva (gums) to the bones and the ligaments that support the teeth then a cavity is created in between the gums and the teeth causing tooth plague.

The following conditions lead to Pyorrhea

Lack of oral hygiene.

Bad habits.

Not having a balanced diet.

Deficiency of minerals like calcium, vitamin C, folic acid and niacin.

Poor circulation of blood vessels in the gums.

Pyorrhea can be avoided by regularly visiting your dentist and by removing the dental plague. It is important to brush and floss your teeth regularly in order to avoid Pyorrhea. It should be done gently with the help of a suitable toothbrush and dental thread. You have to make sure that you do not include too much of sugar in your diet, restrict yourself from eating in between meals and avoid smoking.

Improper treatment of pyorrhea leads to dental loss, so for this you need to visit a dentist who will diagnose the actual causes of pyorrhea and understand how it can be treated. At 32 Facts Modi Dental and Prosthodontic Centre, the treatment is carried out by the removing the dental plague and pockets from the inflamed gums. You can also go for natural remedies which are helpful in treating and preventing this dental disorder. With regular teeth cleaning and proper medication the issue of teeth inflammation and bleeding can be solved in couple of weeks.


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