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In 21st century, as the whole world is switching from age old traditional methods to digitization, we at 32 facts Modi’s Dental and Prosthodontic Centre have bought full fledged digitization in dentistry by adapting and introducing computer aided designing and computer aided machining (CAD/CAM) systems which will take the dentistry to a level beyond human imagination and at par excellence with any country in the world without any financial burden to the patient. Fabrication of restorations with CAD/CAM at 32 facts Modi’s Dental and Prosthodontic Centre has made the available treatment more precise with better diagnostic availability because diagnosis is key to a successful treatment.

Post 70 years of Independence we still consider ourselves as a developing nation and we are far back in comparison to developed nations. By getting this world class technology at 32 Facts Modi’s Dental and Prosthodontic Centre we feel proud for being first few clinics to serve our patients with this technology. Our main aim is to bring the latest techniques, technologies and technicalities for our patients because our existence is only because of them and we feel a great pleasure and proud to offer them their best.

By this world class technology we at 32 facts Modi’s Dental and Prosthodontic Centre will serve our patients with crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, onlays and many more procedures. The advantages of this equipment are:

  1. 1. Precision
  2. 2. Patient comfortability
  3. 3. No Gag Reflex
  4. 4. No Anxiety
  5. 5. Less chair side time
  6. 6. Accuracy
  7. 7. Esthetics
  8. 8. Single sitting dental solutions
  9. 9. Single sitting crowns for implant cases
  10. 10. No conventional impression tray
  11. 11. No Impressions
  12. 12. No temporaries

We at 32 facts Modi’s Dental and Prosthodontic clinic believe that our patients deserve the best. By introducing CEREC/ CAD CAM systems we have tried to bring world class technology, so instead of fabricating temporaries before permanent restorations we will directly provide them with final restorations in a single go.

“So save time and money at the Modi’s.”

As we know if there are Pros there are Cons as well. The disadvantages are:

  1. 1. Application complexity
  2. 2. Cost of the equipment

As we know that cost of the equipment is a drawback but still we at Modi’s don’t think about that our main aim is to “Give best to our patients”.

The lab method of getting the crowns and bridges fabricated was a long established method, but here at Modi’s after the installation of this equipment we will serve our patients with :

  1. 1. Crowns
  2. 2. Bridges
  3. 3. Veneers
  4. 4. Inlays, onlays
  5. 5. Complete dentures
  6. 6. Partial dentures
  7. 7. Crowns and bridges over implant
  8. 8. Cosmetic smile makeover
  9. 9. Digital cosmetic smile makeover
  10. 10. Digital orthodontic correction (Cerec Ortho)
  11. 11. Better shades

There are certain Contraindications as well where we won’t be able to use this equipment:

  1. 1. Very deep subgingival preparations
  2. 2. Patients with severely reduced residual dentition
  3. 3. Parafunctions, e.g. bruxism
  4. 4. Provisional insertion/trial wear period

We at Dr. Modi Dental and Prosthodontic Clinic try to provide our patients with everything that is covered in dentistry and that too with precision. A brief description about the equipment:

It comprises of three units:

  1. 1. Optical scanner
  2. 2. CAD unit (computerized aided designing)
  3. 3. CAM unit (computerized aided machining)

Optical Scanner

We at 32 facts don’t want our patients to bear the anxiety of gag reflexes due to impression trays and materials.

We use the CEREC Omnicam, Dentsply Sirona, Germany optical scanner to make impressions which is a patient friendly technique.

“So go modern, think about digitization”

It acquires a series of single images which are then computed with great precision in order to create a virtual 3D model.

The camera automatically detects the right moment to trigger the exposure.

CAD unit (Computerized designing)

We live in 21st century when we have computers so why to think about manual techniques.

We use CEREC, Dentsply Sirona, Germany software to design our restorations at the Modi’s that to chair side.

“This saves you time and offers you final design of your restoration as quickly as possible”

Once the impressions are recorded we design the type of restorations and the material design method.

Prosthesis can be designed by copying the tooth before preparation or waxed-up tooth or temporary tooth.

The shape of the scanned model can be edited and refined.

CAM unit (Computerized Milling unit)

The CEREC, Dentsply Sirona, Germany grinding and milling unit and CEREC software are optimally synchronized with one another.

The grinding/milling cycle of the designed restorations is extremely precise, resulting in smooth surfaces and edges as well.

We at 32 facts Modi’s dental and prosthodontic centre ensure you that the treatments which used to take long time. With CEREC you will get restorations in just one go without a temporary or follow-up visits.

We believe that giving our patients beautiful smiles can change the world we live in. With this kind of change in dentistry from traditional methods to digital methods, we at 32 facts Modi’s dental and prosthodntic centre are taking the dental treatment to a next level as it is:

  1. 1. Safe: Total control from planning to final restoration
               Increase clinical safety due to custom made prosthesis

  2. 2. Fast: Fewer sittings)

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