Inman Aligner

Modi Clinic takes pride in having as one of its expert appliances the Inman Aligner which embraces a cutting-edge alignment procedure for front teeth straightening. The Inman Aligner is an affordable and fast way to rectify and crowding, anterior rotations and protruded front teeth in a hassle-free manner. It ensures healthier teeth with attention to aesthetics within weeks of imposition. Modi Clinic being one of the top-notch dental clinics of Delhi has incorporated this avant-garde dentistry weapon in its repertoire of dental tools.

How Does the Inman Aligner Work?

The Inman Aligner is made of coiled springs which when placed over the misaligned teeth applies pressure in gentle patterns. The appliance enables to exercise control over the movement of the anterior teeth. They are pre-programmed to apply pressure as needed and do not require any adjustments. The rectification process typically takes about 8 to 12 weeks whereby you can get straight, aligned teeth without having to wear braces on long-term basis. It is a removable tool which can be taken off during eating or cleaning of teeth and replaced back for the Aligner to do its job of putting gentle pressures intermittently.

Inman Aligner- How Do We Do It

When you approach us with issues of misaligned teeth our experts schedule a consultation meeting with you to take the right impressions of your teeth.

The impressions are then taken to our dental lab to create an Inman Aligner tailored just in tune with your teeth impressions.

The first stage of Inman Aligner filling takes place a few weeks later post which you are required to wear the aligner for at least 16 to 20 hours a day for optimum efficacy. Our dentists recommend visits every 2 to 3 weeks for check-up.

The procedure is accomplished within 6 to 16 weeks post the initial setup (You can choose between the Essix Retainer or the Lingually Bonded Retainer). Although you can take it off once the desired straightening action has taken place, our dentists recommend a retention tool for the Aligner and wearing it in tune with your lifestyle to avoid instances of relapse.

What is the Cost of Inman Aligner?

Contrary to popular belief the cost of Inman Aligner is much cheaper than the traditional braces that require to be worn for longer spans of time. Modi Clinic provides you with cost-effective teeth straightening solutions with its reasonable Inman Aligner procedure prices and special offers.

Why Inman Aligner?

At Modi Clinic in Ashok Vihar, North Delhi we believe that your smile is the first thing that captivates the attention of those around you and therefore, possessing well-aligned and clean set of teeth is crucial. So if you are contemplating on aligning your teeth and flashing on your beautiful smile get in touch with our experts today for a thorough Inman Aligner consultation.

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