Our Team

We are here to deliver the best and our complete team is dedicated to bring back the beautiful smile on your face. Each and every member of our team specializes in their own field and ensures that our patients always receive comprehensive and effective treatment. Our team consists of doctors who are always eager to provide patients with best quality treatment.



Dr Manu Modi is a perfectionist who is a true believer of "nothing is impossible ". A strong headed and light hearted Dr Modi has been practicing since over 15 years.

His practise focuses primarily on patient care and awareness. Dr. Manu Modi ( MDS Prosthodontics ) and Dr. Mona Modi (BDS Cosmetic dentist) with their team of Doctors aim for prcise treatments with 100% results. Dr. Modi has been associated with a number of hospitals including Maharaja Agrasen Hospital and RML hospital. At 32 Facts modi's Dental and Prosthodontic centre his efforts also include various seminars focusing on the betterment of society at large such as "Quit smoking"and "Maintaining good oral health". This centre has been awarded by various organisations as the "Best Dental Clinic in Delhi".

With his "can do"attitude he has treated a great number of familes and thrives to help many more. From Implants to Full Mouth Rehabilitaion cases Dr. Modi's experience and finesse is unmatched. He is one of the few practitioners who adapt to and incorporate newer techniques and equipment to their practise . Latest advances such as dentistry under microscope and rotary endodontics are part of his everyday practise .



Dr. MONA MODI: BDS (COSMETIC DENTIST) "Knowing is not enough , we must apply. Willing is not enough , we must do.

Dr. Mona Modi is a prefect blend of personal warmth and professional commitment. Her experience with the most challenging root canal cases is commendable.

She excels in cosmetic contouring of teeth and is dedicated towards total aesthetic results. Her endeavors help achieve our team moto i.e. Ïmpossible is nothing"



"The bad news is time flies, the good news is you are the pilot."

Dr. Shweta is efficient and precise in her work. She adds a sense of exactness in the team. She is always involved in continuing dental education to update herself and be able to guide patients better.

Our Consultants



Dr.Saurabh handles all the cases with malocclusions and helps give them perfect alignment of teeth. He has a great fervor with which he addresses and treats all and is a part of our team for many years.



Dr. Vikram Blaggana is a graduate of A.B. Shetty Dental College and Post Graduate of G.D.C, Amritsar. He is a specialist in all periodontal cases that is Gum surgeries usually including commotional curettage, flap surgeries and bone grafting.



Dr.ishant is a very well versed with the treatment of all cases related to maloccluion including deep bite , overbite and crowded teeth. From young kids to adults he treats everyone with braces with very good results.