Treatment of Enlarged Gums

The gums are significant part of your oral health. They are made of pink and firm tissue which covers the jawbones. This tissue is thick, fibrous and filled with blood vessels. If you have enlarged gums then they might protrude and bulge out. The swelling in the gums usually begins when the gums touches the teeth. Due to swollen gums it might begin to hide other parts of the teeth and appear to be pink instead of red.

Gum swelling is caused due to number of factors like individuals with swollen gums suffering from gum disease, tooth decay, irritation from food or drink, insufficient nutrition and other kinds of oral issues. The enlarged gums are also known as gingival and often become irritated, sensitive and painful. You must have also noticed that the gum begins to bleed while brushing or flossing your teeth.

The dentists at 32 Facts Modi Dental and Prosthodontic Centre in Ashok Vihar, North Delhi suggest you some common causes of swollen gums which are:

Gingivitis : It is the common cause of swollen gums and it is a gum disease that makes your gum swollen and irritated. There are many that suffer from gingivitis and do not understand the symptoms and if it is left untreated then this might lead to tooth loss. Gingivitis is also a result of poor hygiene because this allows plague, which is a film which comprises of bacteria and food particles deposited on the teeth over a period of time, to build up on the teeth and gum line. If plague remains on the teeth for a longer period it becomes tartar. This is much harder than plague and cannot be typically removed with the help of brushing and flossing alone.

Infection : Certain kind of infection caused by fungi and viruses can also lead to swollen gums. If you have herpes then it can lead to acute herpetic gingivostomatitis which causes swollen gums. Thrush is also a result of naturally occurring yeast in the mouth which causes swelling of gums.

Malnutrition : Sometimes deficient in vitamins like B and C causes gum swelling. This is because vitamin C plays an important role in the maintenance and repair of teeth and gums. If vitamin C drops, then you can also suffer from scurvy which is main causes of gum disease and anemia.

Pregnancy : Enlarged gums are also during pregnancy due to rush of hormones in your body. It causes blood flow in your gums and makes it irritated which also leads to swelling. The hormonal changes can also obstruct your body to fight off the bacteria which causes gum infections. This increases the chances to develop gingivitis.


It has been observed that enlarged gums can be due to built-up plague inside the mouth. Our dentist advises that you can easily get rid of this issue through gentle brushing twice a day, both morning and evening including in between meals. Also make sure you floss your teeth at least once a day to reach in those areas your brush cannot.

Gargling with saltwater is another option and one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to gum swelling, because salt is an antibacterial agent which gets rid of contaminants and soothes inflamed gums.

A gentle massage in your gums brings in relief and reduces inflammation by increasing blood circulation, therefore you must massage your gums in a circular motion for about a minute and make sure you wash your hands properly before doing this. Your fingernails should be short and clean which will prevent the spread of bacteria. Alternatively you can also use clove oil which is found in most drug stores and is used as natural treatment for swollen gums.

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