Infection Control

In recent years the demand for dental treatment is rising as more people have become aware of their oral health and understand the importance of a good dental care. Therefore maintaining and practicing strict cross-infection control procedures are essential, and at 32 Facts, we believe that a surgery should be perfectly right from the start to finish. Our dentists make use of the best quality dental materials with up-to-date scientific equipments to ascertain there is no kind of infection post dental surgery. This initiates from hygienic pre-surgery on the dental chair to post surgery. They also ensure to use disinfected and sterilized surgical equipments during the surgery process.

Not only this, 32 Facts Dental Clinic has a team of qualified professionals and surgeons that assist you in all kinds of dental issues. We give the best treatment possible so that you go home happy and satisfied, as we understand the importance of health and hygiene. We also take immense care of the patient post operations. Therefore we use sterilized needles, gloves, surgical masks, equipments, napkins, hygienic products and single-use dental equipments.

Hard Tissue (Tooth) Laser Procedures

The use of lasers in oral healthcare has radically changed the dental industry. It allows general cosmetic dentists to perform an array of dental procedures more precisely with minimum invasion and quick healing time. The hard tissue (tooth) laser dentistry procedure comprise of the following which are as follows:

Cavity Detector : In this procedure soft tissue dental lasers are used to detect cavities by providing a reading of the by-product which occurs due to tooth decay.

Dental Fillings/Tooth Preparation : The hard tissue dental lasers eliminate the requirement for local anesthetic injection and the traditional turbine dental drill, because lasers are used for dental filling that have the ability of killing the bacteria located in the cavity. It potentially leads to long term teeth restoration procedures. The lasers are not suitable for amalgam fillings, crowns or onlays.

Tooth Sensitivity : Dental lasers are used to seal tubules which are responsible for hot or cold sensitivity of tooth.

Post hard tissue laser procedure the diet comprises of soup or porridge which is easy to swallow and does not remain in the mouth for a long time. Proper cleanliness is maintained in the clinic premises by changing the beds and bed covers every day, sterilizing the dental equipments with alcohol and spirit which is dip in 5% Korsolex Sterilising Solution for disinfecting them.

Our main aim lies in the complete satisfaction of our patients and we are there to increase the faith and assurance of our patients.

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