Eminentia Dental Care

Eminentia Dental care, the multi specialty Dental unit of Jain Eye & Medical Centre, 2nd floor, AD Block, Shalimar Bagh, is the most advanced and highly equipped centre of North Delhi. The centre is welcoming and professional to enhance the dental experience with its remarkable list of highly qualified professionals and superior treatment procedures.

Providing advanced dental care, we are the one stop for all dental problems including cavities, gum bleeding, root canal, crowns, stained teeth, bad breath, yellow teeth, gaps between teeth, wisdom tooth extraction, swollen gums, tooth ache etc. Most people are unaware that these common mouth problems can lead to more severe diseases like periodontists and gingivitis if left untreated.

Eminentia Dental care is focused on creating widespread awareness about oral hygiene and providing unmatched dental treatment. Our team of qualified and professional dental surgeons is available for consultation and diagnosis.

Our centre emphasizes on educating the masses about the hazards of neglecting dental care, and making prevention of tooth decay and gum disease a part of their daily routine. We have friendly and warm staff members and doctors, who are very cooperative and provide special dental care and treatment to children and people with special needs.