Endodontics Treatment

Our teeth is suppose to last for lifetime but sometimes certain kind of damage occurs in our tooth which can be from an injury or deep cavity that causes a tooth to crack, and the internal part gets infected. This infection damages the tooth pulp which is the network of blood vessels and nerves inside.

Endodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry which treats the inside of tooth or pulp and the neighboring tissues. This dental treatment is also known as Endodontic Therapy or Root Canal Therapy, and comprises of a series of treatment to get rid of an infected pulp of tooth which leads to elimination of infection and protection of decontaminated tooth.

The most common endodontic treatment comprises of root canals or apicoectomy. And 32 Facts has several dedicated dental surgeons that specialize in the treatment and diagnosis of challenging endodontic conditions. Our treatments are effective and affordable because we are here to provide you relief and not pain.

Some of the treatments required to preserve the teeth are :

Root Canal Treatment

Surgical Endodontics


Proper management of unhealthy teeth

The Endodontic treatment comprises of opening the tooth, removing the damaged pulp, shaping, cleaning, filling and sealing the tooth. Depending on the degree of infection in the injured tooth, the patient might be put on medication before the dentist or Endodontist can begin his work.

Signs and Symptoms of Endodontic Conditions

A person suffering from endodontic conditions will experience sensitivity towards heat or cold, discoloration of tooth or tenderness of tooth in the neighboring tissues. 32 Fact Dental Clinic in Ashok Vihar, North Delhihas the best endodontist to perform surgery and therapy for root canals, who has required education, experiance and training at reputed dental school with a specialized degree or certification.

When is the Treatment Required?

The Endodontic treatment is required when the root inside the tooth becomes infected and inflamed due to introduction of bacteria from deep cavities, teeth disease, periodontal disease, tooth fractures and other challenging endodontic conditions.

The person suffering from any kind of tooth disease should visit the dentist and get diagnosed immediately. Modi Dental Clinic in Ashok Vihar, North Delhi provide all possible treatments for prevention of teeth diseases. Therefore various kinds of techniques and procedures are adopted for endodontic treatment in the clinic.

Endy 6200

The Endy 6200 combines both a micromotor and an apex locator. This product, which is a real workmate for any practitioners using it, is equipped with a system for returning to slow speed enabling us to disengage the instrument without pushing dentine debris back towards the apex.

It also has 12 onboard memory settings, enabling us to programme that number of speeds and torques adapted to each file used.

The Endy 6200's strengths

A fully digital measurement

The signal emitted by your Endy 6200 is fully digital. There is no deviation or change in the precision of your IONYX apex locator over time.

An isolated internal sensor in the contra-angle handpiece

When you insert your file into the contra-angle handpiece, the measurement sensor is automatically connected. The PEEK contra-angle guarantees you a fully isolated measurement signal.

Constant speed and torque

The speed of the Endy 6200 remains constant regardless of the force applied to the file in the root canal. It will not vary, even if the battery is charged less than 50%. The torque is controlled continuously in order to preserve your files.

The X-Smart

The X-Smart is a specifically designed device that uses flexible instruments to clean and shape up your curved root canals without harming them. It is a very simple, safe and lightweight unit, apt for the root canal treatments.

It has a long battery life and easy to charge device.

There is a clear LCD screen that is angled for easy visualization during preparation. It indicates the various settings that have been chosen by the operator: speed, torque, gearing, direction of rotation, program (nine in total), auto reverse setting and gives a real-time read out of the load being applied to the instrument in the form of a graduated bar. There are also battery charge and audible warning indicators.

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